CCE Ziviltechniker GmbH (Water): In both cases, we need years of experience to be able to use the most precious resource of our earth with mindfulness or to avert threats.

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Water is a soothing lifeline and at the same time a threatening force of nature

In both cases, we need years of experience to be able to use the most precious resource of our earth with mindfulness or to avert threats.

Our disciplines in the field of water are:

Water supply

Our experts meticulously and reliably deal with all agendas around the water supply. From regulatory applications, consumption calculation studies and analyses, emergency water concepts, storage measurements, water loss analyses, urban infrastructure development, documentation on existing pipelines and facilities, to topics related to the use of water resources and complete pipeline constructions.

Waste water disposal

The economic growth and environmental problems always present us with great challenges. Our clients like to rely on our special know-how and our solution-oriented work in the area of planning, tendering, construction supervision and commissioning of pumping stations, pipes and sewage treatment plants.

Flood protection

Due to global climate change, we pay special attention to providing effective flood protection. We assist our public clients in all processes of the EU Water Framework Directive implementation through intelligent concepts for water development, river basin management plans, sanitation and data collection on water quality structure mapping.

We create hazard zone plans, flood danger and risk maps as well as comprehensive flood risk management plans.

In addition to the formation of runoff with precipitation-runoff models using modern one-dimensional and two-dimensional simulations, we also develop measures for the feasibility or improvement of the protective effect, taking into account the ecological and economic goals.

Snow-making ponds and river engineering

We consistently apply our wide-ranging qualifications to the conception and planning of river engineering projects, retention basins, ecological and constructive hydraulic engineering such as weirs, locks and small hydropower plants and fish ladders. At Detto, we are a competent partner for winter sports regions in the planning and rehabilitation of environmentally friendly snow-making ponds.

Torrent and avalanche barriers

In alpine risk areas, we support the authorities by providing consultation and planning regarding measures for reducing or eliminating dangers.

For larger and more complex projects, we also conduct Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs).

Cadastral map of line systems

Line systems installed in the ground represent a key factor in the quality of life and safety The networks of drinking water, sewage, electricity, gas, telecommunications, television, drainage and irrigation lines usually grow over decades and the documentation is often incomplete.

We create, renew and manage cadastral maps of line systems with experts, modern equipment and powerful geo-information systems.