CCE Ziviltechniker GmbH (KSW - Residential complex at Schächtestraße): Attractive living space in the heart of Villach

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CCE Ziviltechniker GmbHParadeisergasse 12/2
9020 Klagenfurt

Phone: +43 463 57404
Fax: +43 463 57404 99

Branch office GrazDietrichsteinplatz 15

8010 Graz

Phone: +43 316 243811

Branch office WolfsbergSchießstattgasse 6
9400 Wolfsberg

Phone: +43 4352 30586

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KSW - Residential complex at Schächtestraße

Kärntner Siedlungswerk non-profit organization

Attractive living space in the heart of Villach
The picture shows a modern residential complex with spacious terraces and white facades.

Residential complex at Schächtestraße

2012 - 2013

Project description:
A new construction of a residential complex

Project cost:
approx. € 2,500,000.00